Save The Chelsfield

About the client

When a beautiful local pub was threatened with demolition, the local community came together to try and save it. A website was required to share important information about the campaign, as well as to help gain traction via social and mainstream media.

The challenge we faced

Our thoughts

The campaign needed an information rich, yet easily accessible website was required that could promote social media posts while providing in-depth information as how the local community could help the campaign.

This resulted in the following action plan:

  • Create an easily accessible website to allow access to more information than social media posts would allow
  • Present serious matters in a lighthearted, digestible way
  • Give access to important, sometimes technical documentation, easily

Our proposition

Create a CMS backed website which was highly accessible, easily sharable via social media. Ensuring the tone of articles posted were in an easily digested, friendly tone.

We achieved that by:

  • Creating a CMS backed site
  • Going into deeper detail than social media posts could
  • Supplying an easy to use blogging platform
  • Creating an easily understood, interactive timeline of the campaign
  • Ensuring information was retained and accessible long after social media posts fade away

Save The Chelsfield - The results speak for themselves:

Save The Chelsfield home page

Why is this better?

  • Beautiful full-screen parallax imagery
  • Very visible Calls to action (CTA's) to cover vitally important 'How you can help now' concepts
  • Showcasing key activities and news (Public meetings and Magnificent Seven)
  • Show an interactive timeline, of how the campaign was progessing

A complex FAQ section with information presented in an easily digested manner

Why is this better?

  • Powerful imagery
  • Breaking down complex instructions and theories into easily understood terms
  • Not overpowering the viewer with too much information at once

Interactive timeline of the campaign

Why is this better?

  • Interactive campaign of key points throughout the campaign
  • Present the information in an interesting manner
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